Due to many factors that affect the selection of JREs, such as the OS/processor target platform, BSP, toolchain, implemented ABI, etc., it is not possible for Apogee to provide the ready-to-use 'of the shelf' JREs for production use on most customer requested OS/processor platforms.  However, after licensing IBM's Java technologies in 2003, Apogee has created a number of JREs for its customers, some of which can be provided for the evaluation purposes.  Please, see the table of such JREs below.

Please contact Apogee to discuss your Java needs or to inquire about Apogee creating for your organization a robust and high performance JRE targeted at our device that will fully satisfy all such needs.

Instructions for obtaining an evaluation copy of Apogee's JRE:

  • locate a JRE that is most compatible with your target platform
  • download a template Evaluation Agreement
  • complete, date and sign Evaluation Agreement
  • complete Exhibit A using JRE/OS/ARCH information below
  • fax a signed copy to 408.369.9018
  • wait for download instructions to arrive via email or call 408.369.9001

 Linux ARMv6TEJ
 WinCE 5.0
PXA270 (ARM)

RHEL 5.1 
Linux PPC7447 BE,HF MJRE
 LinuxCN5020 (MIPS)BE,SF,n32 MJRE
 LynxOS 4.2MPC8548 (PPC)BE,HF CJRE