The real-time JRE provides a highly deterministic Java runtime environment that supports the unique requirements of real-time applications. It is a robust and compliant implementation of the Real-time Specification for Java (RTSJ) defined by JSR-1 (and soon JSR-282), and includes Apogee developed technologies that provide increased performance and hard real-time responses. Each RTJRE is based on either MJRE or CJRE and includes its standard Java APIs and features.

Each RTJRE includes the target-specific ports of the following components:
  • IBM's J9 Virtual Machine (J9VM), extended by Apogee to support VM RTSJ features.
  • Apogee's highly deterministic Just-Ahead-of-Time (JAOT) compiler based on IBM's JIT compiler technology.
  • Apogee's Real-time Garbage Collector (RTGC) integrated with the port of RT J9VM.
  • IBM's Foundation Class Library (FCL) or Harmony Class Library (HCL) from Apache.
  • Apogee's Real-time Java Class Library (RTJCL), compatible with:
    • Realtime Specification for Java, defined by JSR-1.
RTSJ Java applications
"application-level" packages (e.g. Log4J)
"client-side" runtimes (e.g. Equinox)
Real-time Class Library
Foundation/Harmony Class Library

Support for the following JSR-defined standards is currently under development and will be available when their specifications are completed.