Apogee optionally provides a number of target-specific ports of various Java class libraries, API packages, client-side "runtimes", and application-level packages.  Most of the readily available packages are listed below and we are constantly adding new components. Please contact Apogee to discuss your Java needs and get more information about the available Java technologies.

Optional components available for MJREs:

 JSR-62/216 Personal Profile (IBM)
 Full Support for Java ME graphics, applets, Java beans
 JSR-129/217 Personal Basis Profile (IBM)
 Support for most of Java ME graphics and Java beans
 JSR-66 RMI  Remote Method Invocation 
 Subset of JSR-82 Bluetooth API (Apogee)
 Implementation of essential features + Apogee's fast native interface to low level Bluetooth stacks
 JSR-120/205 WMA (IBM)
 Wireless Messaging API
 JSR-135 MMA (IBM)
 Mobile Media API
 Java Database Connectivity 
 JSR-172 Web Services (IBM)
 XML support & Web Services
 JSR-177 SATSA  (IBM and Apogee) 
 Security & Trust Services (PKI,CRYPTO,APDU, JCRMI) 
 JSR-179 MLA (IBM)
 Mobile Location API
 JSR-238 MIA (IBM)
 Mobile Internationalization API
 JSR-219 JAAS (IBM and Apogee)
 Java Authentication & Authorization Service
 JAR-219 JCE (IBM)
 Java Cryptography Extensions
 Java Secure Socket Extensions
 JavaComm (IBM)  Serial/Parallel Port communications
 Java Database Enabler (IBM)
 Client-side support for IBM and ORACLE databases
 Equinox OSGi Framework and Service Bundles (Eclipse.org)  Full implementation of the client-side of OSGi R4 Service Platform
 OpenFusion (PrismTech)  Client-side CORBA support
 Jakarta (Apache.org)  commons-lang,commons-logging,regexp
 Client-side RFID support
 LLRP (Apogee)
 Low Level Reader Protocol adapter for RFID
 MQ Telemetry Transport 
 IPv6 (IBM)
 IPv6 runtime support 
 Servlets/SyncML/DS&DM protocols (IBM)
 WebSphere Studio/MQ runtimes/services  
 Message MicroBroker (IBM)  Message MicroBroker from Lotus Expeditor DE
 LonWorks  LonWorks ISO/IEC 14908.1 implementation
 Xerces (Apache.org)  Validating XML parser 

Optional components available for CJREs:

  • all packages available for MJREs (some provided with extended functionality), and

 Log4J (Apache.org)  Logging package 
 commons.codec (Apache.org)
 Implementations of common encoders and decoders (Base64, Hex, Phonetic, etc.)
 commons-httpclient (Apache.org)
 Client-side implementation of HTTP standards
 xml-commons-external (Apache.org)
 Interfaces for DOM, SAX, and JAXP
 Picollo (SourceForge)
 Fast non-validating XML parser 
 Dom4j (Dom4j,org)
 Compact XML framework 
 xsdlib (msv.dev.java.net)  Multi-scheme XML validator 
 Jaxen (Codehaus.org)
 Event-based X-path parser 
 Ristretto (Columbamail.org)  Low-level Java Mail package
 Java Message Server 
 Tomcat (Apache.org)  Servlet container
 Jetty (Eclipse.org)  Web server 
 DOM.Xpath (w3.org)
 Expression language for selecting nodes in XML files
 Saxpath (SourceForge)
 Event-based XPath parser
 JSR-173 StAX (Codehaus.org)
 API for fast streaming parsing of XML documents
 JSP (Sun's open-source GlassFish)  Java Server Pages package and client-side support for JSP
 JavaSQlite (freshmeat.net)  Driver for the SQLite database
 Cyberlink (Cybergarage.org)
 Support for UPnP protocolsFelix
 Felix OSGi R4 Framework and Service bundles (Apache.org)
 Implementation of the client side of Java SE compatible OSGi R4 Service Platform and other OSGi technologies